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A Trustee administered Bond
Secured by real estate assets
No hidden costs, no deductions
No tax reporting, no tax witholding
US Capital Ventures
36% ROI over term
Simple, straightforward and secure
Three year, fixed term Bond
12% per year interest


* Three year, fixed term bond provides for an exit date that is defined at the outset

* 12% per annum return, payable twice per year (6% + 6%)

* Minimum investment $50,000

* Enhanced returns for high-level investors

* Arms-length investment, no problem tenants, no management issues, no US tax returns

* Bond administered by Highpoint, a United Kingdom based Trustee

Bond funds are used to finance the acquisitions of non-performing mortgages and real estate assets in the states of Florida and Ohio. Investor funds are secured by trustee liens over the shares of the operating companies.

The Business…

The model is the acquisition, remodelling and disposal of real estate assets in the states of Florida and Ohio.

With an estimated US$5 trillion outstanding mortgage loans in negative equity, there is still considerable opportunity to purchase the underlying property via this route.

Purchasing distressed real estate and adding value through renovation can be achieved via the mortgage route and also via conventional court auctions, land banks, direct bank sales and REO sources.

With construction teams in place, an existing management company and far-reaching brokerage agreements, the onward sales are made via conventional MLS routes, and direct sales to local homeowners and local and international investors.


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